Sedbergh School Charity Skydive

Sunday 16 June saw thrillseekers from Sedbergh School take to the skies to raise money for their chosen charities, and in doing so raised over £4000 collectively.

7 pupils and 6 staff members headed to Cark Airfield on Sunday morning to meet with their skydiving team for the day, Skydive North-West.

Following the important safety briefing, where the group learnt about freefall and landing positions as well as kit checks and operational procedures, the first group of 5 boarded the plane in tandem with instructors and began their ascent.

Once the plane has arrived at the eye-watering altitude of 14,000ft, the doors open and one-by-one each tandem make their ‘jump’. After an exhilarating 45 seconds of freefalling, reaching speeds of 120mph, the parachute is deployed, and it is then a 5-minute descent back to land. The group were fortunate enough to be completing their jumps on a clear day, providing stunning views out over Morecambe Bay.

During the descent, instructors from Skydive North-West provided great instruction and even offered the reigns to the parachute so that individuals could get to experience maneuverability in the air.

Pupils and staff have been raising money for the following charities; Winston’s Wish, SEED and Alzheimer’s Society.

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