Sedbergh School Hosts International Dinner Spectacular

Sedbergh is incredibly proud of the contribution that our international pupils make; enriching the culture and experience of the whole School. So, we were delighted with the success of our recent, 2024 International Dinner. The evening was a culinary celebration of global diversity, with pupils from various nationalities coming together to prepare and enjoy an array of delicious dishes from around the world.

The Sedbergh community witnessed the vibrant collaboration between our international pupils and talented chefs as they worked side by side in the kitchen to create a spectacular feast. The atmosphere was filled with excitement, laughter, and the aroma of diverse cuisines, reflecting the rich cultural tapestry of Sedbergh School.

“At Sedbergh School, we take pride in fostering an inclusive and diverse community. The International Dinner was a testament to the unity that arises from embracing our differences and celebrating the unique backgrounds of our pupils,” said Head of EAL, Catherine Bettney, expressing the school’s commitment to promoting cultural understanding.

Events like the International Dinner play a crucial role in promoting cultural exchange, breaking down barriers, and fostering a sense of unity within the school community. Sedbergh School remains dedicated to providing a nurturing environment where pupils can learn from one another and build lasting connections that extend beyond the classroom.

As Sedbergh School continues to celebrate diversity through initiatives like the International Dinner, it reaffirms its commitment to shaping global citizens who appreciate and respect the richness of different cultures.

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