Sedbergh School has been placed in the top 15% of schools in the country for the value it adds to pupils’ performance at A level. Analysis shows that pupils gain one full grade more than the national average in each exam they take.

The analysis has been undertaken by educational analysts, Alkemygold Ltd, who operate the A Level Prediction System (ALPS) which draws on DfE data from over 12,000 schools and 250,000 pupils across the UK.

The Headmaster, Andrew Fleck, commented, “We have achieved this outstanding performance in the classroom and the exam hall in the same year when our pupils have won national championships on the cricket pitch, shooting range and running and whilst all our sportsmen and women compete at the pinnacle of school sport.

Alongside their studies, our musicians performed on 58 occasions and 140 pupils have taken to the stage in 17 productions. Everywhere I look, pupils are making the most of their opportunities and excelling in relation to their individual talents. This is what Sedbergh is all about and I could not be more proud of the achievements of our staff and pupils.”

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