A 100-hour revision challenge for pupils in Year 11, 12 and 13 at Sedbergh School will focus minds on exam preparation over the Easter holidays.

Pupils have taken part in study skills workshops run by Elevate Education during both the Michaelmas and Lent Terms, and this challenge provides a structure for study away from school.

The break is 21 days long and if pupils complete five hours of revision per day, they will meet the 100 hours  – which is the minimum requirement to achieve exam success.

Dan Harrison, Deputy Headmaster Academic, said: “Pupils know that if they work in the mornings, they are then free for the rest of the day. We stress to them the significance of this in them achieving their potential in the summer examinations.”

A spokesperson from Elevate Education said: “The question for many students is: How do I take all the work I have done and turn it into the marks I deserve?

The seminars we have delivered outline the critical exam skills that will allow pupils to excel in the exam room, whilst also demonstrating that exams are not just about the exam room – the preparation is where the marks are.

We look at preparation, fixing mistakes, allocating time, stress management and how to tailor succinct, focused answers.” Elevate has been working with schools for 11 years and uses young presenters who pupils can really relate to.

Head of School John Campbell said: “Everybody I have spoken to is keen to get ahead of the game. We are all used to hard work and all know the importance of training – whether it’s for the Wilson Run, a national final hockey or rugby cup, an Equestrian event, LAMDA exam or academic exam.

The culture here is all about investing in preparation and not shying away from hard work, so I think that going away for Easter with these clear targets really helps everyone. We’ve also seen the impact it had on our friends in the previous year group, which is inspiring too.”

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