On 23 April 2017, a team of nine staff and sixth form pupils from Sedbergh School will be running the London marathon, raising money for Afghanaid. The team spans a wide range of ages and abilities and all have their own personal reasons for wanting to set take on the challenge, however they set themselves the added challenge of raising an ambitious total, of £13,500. 

The Sedbergh team includes Upper Sixth pupils Pippa MacDonald (Robertson) , Isobelle Page (Robertson) and Ben Watson (Evans), and staff including: Mrs Laura Bolton (Head of Art), Mrs Hayley Christy (Housemistress, Robertson), Mrs Mel Corrigan (Robertson Tutor and Learning Support), Dr Emily Fitzherbert (Biology teacher), Mr David Nuttall (Evans tutor, Geography Teacher and Shooting coach), and Mrs Jackie Walkom (Overseas Registrar).

All support would be gratefully received and you can find out out more from their fundraising page:

You can also follow the highs and lows of their training progress on Twitter @SS_marathon

Established in 1983, Afghanaid is a humanitarian and development charity that works alongside rural communities in some of the poorest and most isolated areas of the world. They provide training tools enabling them to become active participants in shaping a future for families and communities.  They particularly work with women, the elderly and disabled. They have a heavy emphasis on education and training which is obviously something that the team believes in passionately. 

Donations will not be lost in bureaucratic upkeep. A donation could achieve:
£10: training sanitation and hygiene training
£12: water filter for a family providing clean drinking water
£30: bookkeeping training for up to 30 women, empowering them to start their own microbusinesses. 
£35: fruit trees for an orchard and food for the future. 
£250: The construction of a proper toilet for a village
£320: Literacy, numeracy and vocational training for 5 women

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