Sedbergh Shooters Represent GB at Every Level

Current and former pupils from Sedbergh School have been selected to represent Great Britain and other international teams at U16, U17, U19, U21 and U25 levels in recent weeks.

Sarah Rorison (Year 10) was selected for the GB U16 team, after attending the selection and training exercise known as ‘Maple Taste’. 
Daisy Armstrong (Year 11) and Freddie Cade (Year 12) shot for GB U17 against the UK Cadet Rifle Team, winning by a nail-biting four points out of 800. 
Max Pybus (Year 13) has departed for a tour of South Africa with the GB U19 team.

In total, Sedbergh had seven pupils shortlisted for international honours, with four being selected for the touring teams. This was the joint highest number of any school in the country. 
Old Sedberghians have also received international honours. Harriet Bromwell has represented GB U21, while Charlie Cowen has been selected for GB U25. Meanwhile, Peter Bromley has been Adjutant (assistant captain) for the England team. Katherine Fleck has represented England, while Lauren Crowson has represented Great Britain. 
Another standout performer has been Rowan Piper (Year 9), who has been training with the Wales U25 team at Bisley, having already shot for the Wales U18 team. In her debut shoot with the Wales U18s, the team was placed fourth, and Rowan scored 188/200, placing fifth out of 10 Welsh shooters.

Sedbergh’s success comes after years of sustained investment and support for the shooting team. Sedbergh Prep School has been training shooters for the last four years, and many pupils coming up to Senior School have clearly benefitted from that extended training and experience. 
Sam Sharma, Sedbergh Classics teacher and shooting coach, was delighted that the Sedbergh pupils had received international honours and felt that the school was now clearly ‘one of the best in the country’.

He said, ‘We’ve put a lot of emphasis on setting Sedberghians up for a long-term career in shooting and it is good to see that bearing fruit.’

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