Sedbergh through to National Netball quarter-finals

Match report from Lucia Sdao, Head of Girls Sport
Sedbergh v Woodhouse Grove 51-42 (AET)

Possibly the best ever Sedbergh 1st team performance, a big statement, but such was the spectacle on Wednesday afternoon in the Hirst Centre.  

Sedbergh were nervous to start and lost possession on countless occasions with some poor decision-making, uncharacteristic footworks and generally messy play however, Cooke and Dale turned over 21 balls in the hour to always keep Sedbergh in contention.  

Our last encounter with this team two months ago resulted in a draw, so both teams knew that the game would be tight over the hour.  First quarter one down, half time one down, third quarter three down. Still some inaccurate passes and still some three second holds but the unbeatable defensive duo of Dale and Cooke continued to fight.  

The fourth quarter started and Grove took a five goal lead, hesitant times, but this ‘Sedbergh Super Ten’ are not to be beaten and with 45 seconds to go and two goals down, Haydon-Wood took the interception of her life, a reverse hand at full stretch, this was a huge turning point, the goal was scored, our centre pass followed and another goal scored, ball turned again and time just ran out on us to win over the hour – final score 38-38.

Extra time ensued, five minutes each way – the tension in the Hirst Centre was palpable – legs were tired but Sedbergh had finished with so much momentum that few words were needed to motivate this powerful group – they took to the court and totally blew Grove away with some outstanding shooting by Burnett and Haywood, finishing the first half of five minutes five goals up. The half time talk was to just keep the centre pass, once again with total belief in their ability another four goals were scored and Sedbergh secured their place in another National Cup Quarter Final.  

Sheer grit and determination by this super ten, Clinch at centre ran her socks off for an hour and ten, barely a difference in speed and agility from the first minute to the last.  Cooke and Dale were allowed, by the international umpire, to contest every ball against the 6ft 2 Grove Shooter and their confidence grew with each quarter, a phenomenal performance by this pair.  Shaw at wing attack was calm and composed, showing intelligence and flair in her breath-taking feeds.  Haydon-Wood and Ray were the terriers of the team over the hour; quick, agile and athletic, masters of tenacity and determination, game changers.  A truly brilliant performance led by a truly brilliant Sedbergh Captain, one to remember, onwards to the national quarter finals

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