Sedbergh unveil new Sixth Form Centre

Sedbergh School are delighted to be working with Jasper Sanders + Partners in launching their brand new Sixth Form Centre, due to open in January 2021.

Queen’s Hall, which sits right at the heartbeat of the Sedbergh School campus, is undergoing major refurbishment to help provide a comfortable learning environment for our Year 12 and 13 pupils. This new workspace is being created by Manchester-based Jasper Sanders + Partners (JS+P), whose team of designers have developed a unique blend of futuristic design, twinned with our near 500 year history, to help propel our pupils through their A-levels and prepare them for life after Sedbergh, whether that is at University or in the workplace.

Although this is a new venture for Sedbergh School and JS+P, it isn’t something that hasn’t happened overnight. Jasper Sanders, Design Director at JS+P, met Sedbergh School Principal, Mr Andrew Fleck, over 7 years ago on a train from Manchester to Oxenholme (the station on the West coast mainline is just 10 miles from Sedbergh School). Then Headmaster of Sedbergh, Mr Fleck has remained in contact with Jasper and watched as JS+P built up their reputation in Manchester.

It was important to Sanders and his team that the atmosphere created in this new Sixth Form Centre is just right.
“This first floor workspace is a steppingstone between School and University. A space that has a background buzz and a hum to it – this is not a library.” Said Sanders. Using opposing and environmentally friendly materials, JS+P have fused heritage with modernity throughout their design.
Jasper explained, “We wanted to make the best use of all the space on offer. We have combined materials from the past such as leather and oak with more futuristic electric colours and edgy materials to help take the School in a new direction.
In this cutting-edge workspace, there are 4 ‘modes’ of work; quiet, collaboration, general and class-based.”

Queens Hall Cgi 1

Dubbed the “Quiet Carriage”, a reference back to that train journey where Sanders & Fleck first met, a secluded workstation made up of 9 individual bays, each with their own lighting. Pupils can work here in a deep level of concentration without disruption.
The ‘Collab Room’ is a large, interactive space aimed at group work such as presentations and projects. This area allows for discussion and energy, as pupils and staff can have meaningful thought-provoking discussions and will include tiered seating.
Our general area provides a social hub for pupils to meet and work. In this hive of activity; pupils can work away in a comfortable, relaxing and busy area of the Sixth Form Centre.
Finally, we have 2 classrooms as part of the new layout. These classrooms will hold a maximum of 24 pupils each and will be vital in the learning process of each of our Sixth Form pupils, whether that is subject specific or with UCAS applications.

It is anticipated that the final design will inspire the students of the future and create a strong community and work ethos.

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