Sedbergh wins International Marketing Award

Sedbergh School has won a total of 4 awards at the InspirED School Marketers Brilliance Awards this week.

The awards recognise excellence in private and independent school marketing and communications exclusively. The Brilliance Awards are sponsored by InspirED School Marketers, a website that provides “brilliant ideas and brain food” for private school administrators around the globe.

Sedbergh received recognition for their video ‘The Spirit of Sedbergh’ in three categories; Admitted student welcome, enrolment video (outsourced) and out of the box concept. The judges described the video as “beautiful and spell-bounding” and were moved by the story of the video. The judges were also impressed with the use of the wolf, symbolising the spirit of Sedbergh in a video that was “elegant, creative and powerful”.

The entries were judged by a volunteer panel of 63 marketing experts from around the world who are professionals in private schools or businesses that specialise in school marketing. The entries were scored on creativity, persuasiveness, design, copy, photography and overall appeal.

As well as the video, Sedbergh also received a Silver award for the social media campaign of the video. Judges noted that the campaign was “exceptionally well planned and executed”. The social media campaign was spread across a number of different channels; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. Using a variety of different content, all based around the strong imagery of the wolf and pupils, Sedbergh was able to create a sense of tension and build up to the delivery of the campaign.

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