Sedbergh wins Top Awards at Inspired Marketers Awards

Sedbergh School are delighted to be recognised by Inspired School Marketers in winning two awards at the Inspired Brilliance Awards this month.

Sedbergh picked up the top prize for In-House Still Photography and for Special Event, which focused on the Wilson Run and our Old Sedberghian project, Sedbergh Global Run.

The entries were judged by a volunteer panel of 68 marketing experts from around the world who are professionals in private schools or businesses that specialize in school marketing. The entries were scored on creativity, persuasiveness, design, copy, photography and overall appeal.

Mr Steve Cooling continues to produce stunning imagery year-round here at Sedbergh School, and this year is no different. With a focus on ‘Outdoor Adventure’ the judges’ were blown away by the story-telling and “breath-taking” quality of Mr Cooling’s photography.

One of the judges’ said; “I had to give these a perfect score. I really love the images with the boys at the campfire and the girls under the waterfall. It is not stylised-perfect imagery, but they tell a story about community and exploration—the keys for an exceptional education.”

Sedbergh Pupils Under a Waterfall
” They tell a story about community and exploration—the keys for an exceptional education.”

Old Sedberghians leave Sedbergh School with a lot of memories throughout their time with us, however, one event is remembered by all and that is our famous Wilson Run. The ten mile course has remained largely unchanged since the inaugural race in 1881, founded by then Schoolmaster, Mr Bernard Wilson. Sedbergh School Alumni Director, Ben Collins, was the driving force behind Sedbergh Global Run as a way of engaging the Old Sedberghian community as they shared their stories on this famous race.

One of the judges’ commented; “This video is informative, captivating and entertaining, while building the case for giving. It has an excellent twist as the historic local event is taken global and online, and evidence of the school’s breadth and heritage is portrayed in a powerful format.”

Sedbergh Global Run 2021

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