Pupils at Sedbergh School have been playing their part in British Science Week 2016 by looking upwards. Sixth form physicists travelled to Jodrell Bank, the third largest Radio Telescope in the world, and took part in workshops applicable to their A2 Astrophysics studies.

To follow this, pupils enjoyed a fantastic night of Stargazing at the newly refurbished Pepperpot.

Head of Physics Mark Appleton said: “The pupils followed in the footsteps of Galileo, observing the moons of Jupiter as he once had in 1610 (Sedbergh School had already been open 85 years by this point) using some of the many school telescopes as well as learning to navigate the night sky and looking in detail at our own nearest celestial neighbour.”

Dr. Downes, Head of English, enhanced the evening even further with a number of selected readings from notable authors written about these heavenly bodies as the group lay down and gazed into the heavens.

Tomorrow 12 pupils in Year 9 and 10 will travel to Lancaster University to attend a STEM Challenge day.  The competition is to give students from across the North West a chance to share their enthusiasm for science and technology and to meet researchers at the University.

Challenges in previous years have included making iodine clocks and designing and firing bottle-rockets.

Younger pupils at the Prep School have enjoyed a series of guest lectures from medical professionals and scientists. To read a full report, visit 

Image – Brian Steadman

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