Sedgwick Triumphant in a Nail-biter Academic Challenge Final

The annual Academic Challenge is a hard fought event between teams from each of the houses.

Last night the Academic Challenge came down to an epic final between School House and Sedgwick. Tied at 230/230, the final sudden-death, tie-breaker question ‘Which Hindu goddess is worshipped as the destroyer?’‘ was answered correctly – with awe-inspiring calm – by Sam from Sedgwick House. It is ‘Kali’, not ‘Shiva’ which was the answer given by School House. Following is a selection of other brain-stumping questions faced by the finalists:

  • Name one of the two US states which has given its name to a chemical element.
  • In the 18th and 19th centuries, what were taken by resurrectionists?
  • What is the second prime number after 53? 
  • Which novel by Aldous Huxley is set in the seventh century After Ford?

In a moment that will surely go down in history, one of the Sedgwick team was so overcome by the team’s triumph that he fell off his chair.

Special thanks for the event go to Mr Lewis who delivered the questions, Mr Davies for scoring and to all houses and participants for their participation and support. A special thank you to the spectators whose behaviour was impeccable in every match.

It must have been tough for School House to lose having been so dominant all tournament. Credit to School House, they were outstanding. I am absolutely thrilled and extremely proud that we won the Academic Challenge Shield. I am particularly pleased for the boys. Whilst we have been very consistent – in my ten years [as Sedgwick Housemaaster] we have made the semi-finals of the Shield nine times in the last ten years and the time we didn’t win, we won the plate – we have actually only won the competition three times previously. William has been in the team for five years and Tom and Sam for four years. All these boys are now in the upper sixth so it was absolutely their time to finally win! I hope the younger boys coming through the House can continue the high standards within this fine competition for years to come.

The late Micheal Raw, who ran this competition for years, was a dear friend of mine and I am delighted we won the Trophy in my last year within Sedgwick House. Michael would have been looking down and he certainly would be delighted by the standard of competition this year.  

Stuart Oliver, Sedgwick Housemaster
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