Dear Parents, Pupils and Colleagues

The School has been coming to terms with the outcome of the Referendum held last week, the result of which was a narrow majority in favour of the UK leaving the European Union. 

Events of such magnitude are rare and we know that the impact of this vote will take months to become clear.  Until then, we foresee hyperbole dominating political debate causing a high degree of uncertainty.

Against that backdrop of confusion, I hope this simple statement will make Sedbergh School’s position clear. 

Whatever the political, legislative and economic arguments around this debate our over-riding priorities are the quality of our education and the welfare of the people who make up our community; pupils, staff, parents and all those associated with Sedbergh and its success in the UK and overseas.

We are in no doubt that Sedbergh is enriched by those who come to live and work at the School from other countries throughout the world.  Our pupils are growing up as global citizens and will compete in the global labour market, many will make their homes outside Britain and Europe.  

It is of paramount importance to our School that we embrace different nationalities, cultures and faiths through which all our pupils may benefit and learn.

Tolerance and trust are the cornerstones of our Boarding community and our shared experiences bind us together no matter where we call home or whatever passport we carry.  

Sedbergh will remain committed to a liberal educational philosophy which embraces difference of origin and opinion. 

We spent time with pupils explaining the competing arguments of the debate before the vote and will now try to explain the complex steps which must take place as a result of its outcome.  

We hope this will ensure they are informed about what is going on around them and reassured that the School remains committed to each and every member of its community.  

Yours sincerely

Andrew Fleck

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