Years 9 to 11 Commendation Lunch

It’s always a pleasure to celebrate pupils who are excelling in their academic study.

Every half-term Headmaster Dan Harrison invites the top 5 academic performers from years 9 to 11 to a celebratory, Commendation Lunch in Queen’s Hall.

To keep pupils on their toes, during lunch we pose questions relating to recent events. One of the trickiest questions today was about the guest list for the coronation – should this event be about family first for the Royal Family – or should the coronation be first and foremost a state event? After that challenging question we asked what dish our commended pupils would choose as the official ‘Coronation Dish’? Top answers were scones (with jam and cream) and fish and chips!

The questions we discussed over lunch ranged widely! Discussion was animated and opinions were divided on most questions – highlights are below.

Q. If summer holiday is the best, and you could go anywhere, where would you go?

It was pretty much unanimous… hiking in the Atlas Mountains is too much walking!

Q. Pupils were asked about careers they’re interested in that will probably be highly influenced by technology.

Pupils were excited by careers including photography and surgery; interesting choices that are already seeing incredible input from new technologies.

Q. The recent protests at the Grand National horse race delayed the start of the race by 15 minutes. After the start of the race a horse fell at the first hurdle and was euthanized. An angry horse trainer has said that the horses were nervous because of the delayed start. Pupils were asked to consider whether the protesters were right to protest in the way that they did? Could they have protested in a different way?

This was the most emotive discussion question and pupils displayed an impressive understanding of all sides of the situation.

Q. In the context of whether Prince Harry and Meghan should be invited to the coronation, should the coronation be about family first for the Royal Family – or should the coronation be first and foremost a state event?

The table was split down the middle (literally!) for those for and against Harry and Meghan being invited, but everyone agreed that the coronation is a state event.

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