9 INSPIRE Curriculum

In response to the demands of a swiftly evolving and unpredictable future, at Sedbergh we believe that as educators, we bear the responsibility of imparting a skill set that aligns with the needs of our dynamic society. To fulfil this commitment, Sedbergh has embarked on an innovative initiative by introducing a brand-new Year 9 curriculum, aptly named INSPIRE.

9 INSPIRE Curriculum

In response to the demands of a swiftly evolving and unpredictable future, at Sedbergh we believe that as educators, we bear the responsibility of imparting a skill set that aligns with the needs of our dynamic society. To fulfil this commitment, Sedbergh has embarked on an innovative initiative by introducing a brand-new Year 9 curriculum, aptly named INSPIRE.

9 INSPIRE is designed to instil confidence and cultivate a genuine passion for learning. It will allow pupils the opportunity to look beyond the constraints of traditional subject titles and will encourage a blend of both skill and topic-based learning. At its core, 9 INSPIRE aims to equip pupils with indispensable, sought-after skills such as teamwork, project management, and problem-solving, while at the same time emphasising the importance of our school values of humility, ambition, resilience and kindness.

Key benefits of the 9 INSPIRE curriculum:

  • Values that shape personal success and happiness are integrated into every subject and woven into topic content
  • Utilises collaborative learning approaches
  • Exposure to problem based learning
  • Develops real world skills and competencies
  • Integration of IT skills
  • Encourages innovative, 'Blue Sky', thinking to solve problems
  • Grounded in our unique location

By the conclusion of Year 9, our pupils will possess the ability to discern connections between academic content and future opportunities. They will grasp the significance of thinking and acting as a positive force in society, while understanding the impact of their actions. Embracing the value of individuality, pupils will appreciate the importance of developing their skills not only to fulfil personal aspirations but also to contribute meaningfully to the well-being of others.

Moreover, our pupils will emerge from Year 9 with confidence in navigating their academic journey, armed with the knowledge needed to make informed choices. They will be well-aware of the opportunities that lie ahead, empowered to make choices that align with their aspirations and open doors to a promising future. This will also form the first stage of their own individual Sedbergh Pathways journey.

The 9 INSPIRE curriculum is appropriate to pupils coming to Sedbergh from any traditional Year 8 course. As with learning across all years at Sedbergh, it includes opportunities to challenge and extend our most talented pupils, ensures pupils achieve required learning targets and gives pupils access the early stages of our Pathways programme.

Progression from prep and a springboard for GCSE

The pivotal role of Year 9 in the progression of pupils from prep to senior school cannot be overstated. Serving as a crucial juncture, Year 9 acts as both a springboard for the impending GCSE phase and a significant milestone for consolidating the key learnings acquired during Key Stage 3.

Beyond academics, Year 9 holds immense social importance. It marks a period where pupils require opportunities to expand their social circles, fostering new friendships, and simultaneously explore and develop their individual strengths and abilities. Sedbergh’s Year 9 curriculum is thoughtfully structured to provide these opportunities. By incorporating challenging topic content, the curriculum not only stimulates academic engagement but also ensures a sense of fulfilment as pupils navigate this transitional phase of their educational journey.

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"9 INSPIRE is a testament to our commitment to instil confidence, passion for learning, and crucial life skills in our pupils." Ms Abigail Stubbs, Deputy Head Academic

Pupils are empowered by technology

The utilisation of collaborative learning approaches and cutting-edge facilities create an environment that seeks to inspire the future generations of Sedberghians. Emphasising collaborative spaces, project will encourage pupils to transcend the confines of subject titles, fostering a mindset that embraces interdisciplinary thinking and innovative problem-solving.

In tandem with traditional methods, our careers advice and guidance are bolstered by technology, including the integration of Xello, our careers-based platform. This strategic use of technology aims to not only enhance but also inspire pupils to think innovatively about their future paths and the myriad opportunities that await them.

Furthermore, IT skills are seamlessly woven into various facets of the Year 9 curriculum, ensuring that all pupils possess the proficiency to transition confidently into Year 10. This comprehensive integration equips them with the necessary tools for success in their GCSE studies and beyond, reinforcing the importance of technological literacy in the ever-evolving landscape of education and beyond.

Building real world skills and competencies

Pupils work collaboratively to complete termly schemes of work that expand upon and explore each of the School’s core values. Pupils will experience a series of ‘INSPIRE’ days throughout the year. These days will be designed to expose pupils to subject content and experiences that sit outside of the Year 9 curriculum. Featuring guest speakers, and a variety of learning settings, they will be encouraged to see the link between subject knowledge and the outside world, valuing the bigger picture and building their ambition for their own future pathway. The themes below will be an integral part of the days;

The Bigger Picture

School leavers of the future will  have to contend with a large range of global issues. The Bigger Picture project will support pupils to recognise their place in global and local issues, and how to be a force for positive change. Pupils will be given a global issue, and will be tasked at generating a solution for that issue.

Project Ambition

Will see pupils working on tasks and topics that require an ambitious approach. Innovation will be encouraged and an introduction to blue sky thinking and creative approaches to project work will be introduced. Pupils will be encouraged to develop their own entrepreneurial skill sets and will understand the benefit of this as an approach to all aspects of their educational journey.

Route to Resilience

The creative arts and sports are critical in providing opportunities for pupils to develop resilience. Pupils will be given opportunities to take part in projects that are challenging and will take them out of their zones of comfort. During the term, pupils work on classroom based work that is designed to encourage and reflect on the competencies required to demonstrate a resilient approach to a variety of situations.

Sedbergh Gives Back

Will see Year 9 working on concepts that link with societal issues. Pupils will be required to project manage, lead and implement. Pupils will work on projects that encourage empathy and kindness.

Education that is grounded in values

The foundation of Sedbergh’s Year 9 curriculum is firmly rooted in the School’s core values of humility, ambition, resilience, and kindness. These values are seamlessly woven into topic content throughout the academic year and form the basis of four termly projects.

Crafted with a purpose, termly schemes of work are meticulously designed to foster the acquisition of practical, real-world skills and competencies. Concepts such as Blue Sky thinking, project management, collaboration, and critical thinking are integrated into the curriculum, ensuring that pupils not only excel academically but also develop the essential skills needed for success in a dynamic and interconnected world.

The aim is to instil in pupils not only a deep understanding of academic content but also a holistic set of values and skills that will serve them well beyond the classroom, preparing them to navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

"We want our pupils not only to excel academically but also to become positive forces in society, contributing meaningfully to the well-being of others." Mr Dan Harrison, Headmaster