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introducing classics

There is a long tradition of studying Classics at Sedbergh and our pupils continue to enjoy the opportunity to immerse themselves in this rich and diverse field of study. Our successful pupils continue to display the logical thinking skills, open-minded approach and linguistic abilities that students of the Classics have shown for generations.

The aims of the department are as follows:

  • To impart knowledge about and inspire interest in the Classical world and its legacy, in terms of language, literature and civilisation
  • To provoke discussion about the lessons of the past and their relevance to the present
  • To highlight the links between languages, both ancient and modern, in order to improve every pupil’s linguistic dexterity

All pupils in Year 9 study Classics in some form. The idea of the Year 9 course is to give pupils a broad knowledge and understanding of the key features of the classical world, including a firm foundation in the classical languages where appropriate. In practice, this means that 9A and 9B study a mixture of Latin and Classical Civilisation, whilst the other sets study Classical Civilisation alone. 9* undertake a beginner’s course in Classical Greek as part of their extension programme.

After Year 9, pupils are able to take Latin and Classical Civilisation at GCSE and A Level. Results are routinely excellent and many pupils have gone on to study Classical courses at university, including at Oxbridge and other elite institutions. Throughout their time studying Classics at Sedbergh, pupils enjoy a range of extension opportunities outside of the classroom, from trips to Rome and Hadrian’s Wall, to lectures at our own Classical Society from bestselling authors like Ben Kane and Emily Hauser, to university visits and subject taster days.