Greek (2)

Introducing Greek

9* pupils will have the opportunity to study the basics of Greek during their lessons. All other pupils have the chance to study Greek on Thursday afternoons.

Description of the Course

Intermediate Certificate in Classical Greek

All pupils have the chance to work towards the Intermediate Certificate on a Thursday afternoon. The certificate is designed to provide a qualification for students who have covered roughly half the linguistic content required for GCSE. It can be used as a ‘stepping stone’ for those who will later progress to the GCSE, or as an end goal in its own right for those who are not able or do not wish to study for the full GCSE.


Examination Board          OCR

Web address:          

Specification                      Greek (9-1) J292

Assessment:                      Three written papers

Candidates work towards assessment in a combination of language and literature.

Language: tests ability in unseen translation and comprehension of Greek prose, as well as derivations and basic grammar questions.

Verse Literature: tests knowledge, appreciation and understanding of a verse set text, currently selections from the Iliad, Homer’s epic masterpiece.

Literature and Culture: This will be a combination of two of the following (dependent on OCR’s prescription for that year): Women in Ancient Greece, Athenian Society, the Olympic Games

A Level

This can be offered on request, dependent on pupils’ prior learning.