Economics & Business

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introducing economics and business studies

Economics and Business are interesting and exciting subjects with many real-world implications.

Economics is the science of choice. Through the study of decision-making by consumers, businesses and governments, students gain a fantastic insight into the world around them.

Business involves the study of how firms carry out their various functions (marketing, finance, human resources, operations), as well as the impact governments, competition, demand, and ethics have on businesses.

Students have the opportunity to take Economics and or Business Studies in the Sixth Form. The Department is well-resourced, with specialist teachers and dedicated teaching rooms. Student numbers have increased rapidly in recent years.


We have several key aims as a department: to provide a stimulating environment through which all pupils strive for excellence and maximise their potential as academic students, and as emerging adults in a technological society; to provide an opportunity for all students to develop a keen interest in, and an in-depth understanding of, the subjects, through core lessons and co-curricular opportunities; to encourage independent study, and thought, in preparation for further education; and to inculcate positive values of mutual respect, tolerance and self-esteem, fostering an informed and critical awareness of society.


The Department offers a range of courses to pupils:

teaching methods

The enthusiasm demonstrated by the Department’s staff is infectious, and, with many teachers who have worked successfully in the world of commerce, Economics and Business at Sedbergh is both challenging and contemporary.

We know that each student learns differently, and we encourage a variety of different teaching methods to make lessons accessible to everyone in the School. This involves interactive teaching, with role-plays and games, as well as more formal lessons based around projects and exam revision.

schemes of work

Our schemes of work are designed to offer flexibility for teachers to go more in depth in areas of particular interest to students, and to maximise their exam performance. They are reviewed each year and kept up-to-date with changes in the economy and exam specifications.

Keynes and Hayek Society

The Keynes and Hayek Society provides a platform for students to explore the subject beyond the syllabus, by planning a talk on an Economic subject of their choosing pupils get a chance to develop independent learning skills as well as platform for public speaking and debate.

In September 2019 we are launching the SedbEconomist.  Students will write articles, design and edit the magazine, which is published twice a year. Students who have an interest in current affairs or journalism are encouraged to contribute.


The department has run trips to London to for talks at the Royal Economics Society in recent years as well as other trips to local business ventures. We are currently in the planning stage for an Economics and Business trip to Berlin in October 2020.

higher education

About 70% of Economics undergraduates have taken A-level in the subject. Many universities require an A-level in Mathematics for their Economics courses. A level Economics is a rigorous subject that will aid applications for those interested in Economics, Politics, PPE as well as Business Management.


A level and BTEC Business will provide an excellent platform for Higher Education in subjects such as Business, Business Management, Marketing, Finance and Accounting. BTEC will also give pupils vocational skills needed for apprenticeships.