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Introducing geology

Geology is a science that combines elements of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths and Geography to better understand Planet Earth. It has proved very popular with Sedbergh sixth form students in recent years, with many continuing with the subject in higher education and beyond.

The Geology Department was established in September 2000 and has one full-time teacher, who studied Geology at undergraduate and post-graduate level. The dedicated classroom is home to a collection of fascinating rocks, minerals and fossils. No previous experience of Geology is required to undertake the A Level.


Module 1 - Practical skills

  • Practical skills will be developed during fieldwork in the UK and abroad, and during laboratory- and classroom-based practical activities.

Module 2 - Foundations in Geology

  • Mineral identification
  • Sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks
  • Oceanic and continental environments
  • Earth’s history, fossils and the Geological Timeline

Module 3 - Global Tectonics

  • Layered internal structure of Earth
  • Plate tectonics
  • Structural geology
  • Planetary geology

Module 4 - Interpreting the past

  • Contributions of eminent geologists
  • Using modern processes to understand past processes
  • Sedimentary structures and environments
  • Maps and cross sections
  • Geochronology

Module 5 – Petrology and Economic Geology

  • Hydrogeology
  • Mining

Module 6 – Geohazards

  • Earthquakes
  • Tsunamis
  • Geohazards of the British Isles
  • Engineering geology

Module 7 – Basin analysis

  • The Changing Earth
  • Evolution and applied palaeontology
  • Oil and gas basins
  • Dinosaurs
  • Mass extinction events


Practical skills will be developed and assessed throughout the A Level, with three exams taken at the end of the second year.


A Level Geology provides a solid foundation to a pure Geology Degree, but equally acts as a good base for broader Earth Science Degrees. A range of university academics often visit the Geology Department to provide talks and offer insight into university options. In addition, local universities allow Sedbergh A Level Geology students to use their facilities and equipment for practical work.


Geology graduates are among the highest earners of all graduates and the career options are broad, with worldwide opportunities.

Some of the career options include, Research Scientist, Engineering Geologist, Geotechnical Engineer, Hydrologist, Teacher, Environmental Geologist and Forensic Geologist.

With many geology graduates going into job sectors associated with Mining, Energy, Geohazards, Museums, Government Agencies or Charities.


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