Our vision is to provide a journey through Sedbergh School that equips pupils to make confident, informed choices about their future pathways; from university to apprenticeships to employment or other options.

The Pathways curriculum is integral to the PSHE programme ‘Living in the Wider World’ and meets UK National Standards for careers and work-related education. We offer opportunities beyond the classroom, particularly through linkages with our valued OS community, to career guidance, networking and seminars.

Our programme utilises enrichment programmes such as Ivy House plus additional information and guidance at appropriate stages to support pupils in making their own decisions regarding the pathway they pursue. Parental engagement with the Pathways programme is highly valued.

Throughout pupils’ journey, specialised platforms support engagement and record their Pathways progress and achievements.

Next Pathways Event

OS Presentation: Thursday 22nd February, Upstairs in Queen's Hall

William Kinread

Commercial Solicitor with 30 years’ experience.
Author of ‘LUGER’ and sequel ‘ESCAPEMENT’, available on Amazon.

William will discuss topics including,

  1. Which A levels should I take?
  2. Should I do work experience?
  3. What should I study at university?
  4. Which university should I go to?
  5. What is law school?
  6. Which legal subjects should I specialise in?
  7. Where should I do my training contract?
  8. Interviews and social media.
  9. What sort of firm should I practice in?
  10. Should I work in business (in house lawyer)?
  11. What about international careers?
  12. What about alternative careers?
  13. How much will I earn?
  14. What values do I need?

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