Sixth Form

We are proud to be a non-selective school; it ensures that our focus is always firmly on maximising every pupil's individual potential and providing opportunities to follow their unique pathway. 

Our aim is to develop intellectually curios, motivated pupils equipped with the skills to succeed in their chosen post-school pathway, whether that be university, degree apprenticeships or the world of work. 

Year 12 pupils initially choose four subjects. By October half term, many pupils who have started off with four subjects will have decided which three subjects they intend to continue for the full two years and can drop their fourth subject if they wish from that point onwards (and then take up an EPQ at this point).

Pupils will sit internal school examinations early in the Summer term of Year 12 year (with the exception of A-Level Geography and all BTEC courses, as they sit external exams in Years 12 and 13).

The majority of Year 13 pupils pursue three subjects. They sit mock examinations in February and external exams at the end of the two-year course.

BTEC assessments are different to the A Levels; further information can be obtained from the School. These courses involve a combination of practical work, assignments and external examinations but the emphasis is on continual assessment.

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A Levels



The majority of pupils who enter the Sixth Form at Sedbergh follow a programme of A-Levels. Some, however, enrol for BTEC courses, either as an alternative to A-Levels or in combination with one or more A-Level subjects.

A levels & BTEC subjects

Classical Civilisation
Computer Science
Digital Media
Drama and Theatre
Digital Technology
Further Maths

Physical Education
Religious Studies
BTEC Agriculture
BTEC Business
BTEC Sport Foundation Diploma (1.5 A Level equivalent)
BTEC Sport Diploma (2 A Level equivalent)


The EPQ allows pupils to research and write about a topic of their own choice. All pupils are strongly encouraged to take up this opportunity when they final- ise their three subjects. This is because:

  • It encourages skills for independent learning; this has been proven to im- prove pupil performance in the main subject options
  • It is equal, in terms of UCAS points, to half of an A-Level
  • It is appropriate for those looking for academic ‘stretch and challenge’ or those wanting to gain more UCAS points
  • It should be completed by May of Year 12.

Pupil Pathways

SEDTalks Livi

Head of School & Captain of Shooting: Livi Gives 100% to Achieve Her Geography Pathway

November 23, 2023

Livi: 2023 Head of School and Shooting Team Captain, describes how she chose and is working towards a pathway to geography.

Sedtalks Cover Feyi

Blueprint for Success: Navigating the Journey to a Degree in Architecture

November 14, 2023

International pupil, Feyi Mejule, is a prefect in Year 13 has been at Sedbergh since year 9. She’s studying for Maths, Physics and Art A-levels and would like to be an architect.

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TJ Navigates a Path Towards Economics and Life as an Entrepreneur

October 1, 2023

With dreams of applying to the London School of Economics, TJ, who joined Sedbergh in Year 9, is studying for maths, economics and physics A levels.