Boarding at sedbergh senior school

Sedbergh Senior School - House Scarves

Our boarding is defined by the strength of our community in the House and School where everyone is committed to collective success. Trust lies at the centre of that community and we expect our pupils to offer unconditional support to their peers. Boarding Houses are the heart of the School; the term-time home of our pupils and where they forge the closest friendships. The House system creates a smaller, tight-knit, cross-year community within the School where pupils are well supported by staff they know well. The sense of belonging inspires confidence, allows problems to be resolved and develops strong social skills.

Sedbergh has nine senior Houses, six for boys and three for girls. Each House has its own dining room which enables the whole House to eat together with staff. House chefs respond to individual dietary needs. Common rooms and a library (in addition to the House Library), enable pupils to socialise and study together.

Staff are as committed to their Houses as pupils. The structure of daily routines is balanced by a relaxed and homely feel and is encouraged by the resident Housemaster or Housemistress and their families. Assistant Housemasters/Housemistresses and House Tutors are resident in each House and supported by a strong team of non-resident Tutors. Year Heads oversee academic progress and work closely with House staff to ensure pupils are well supported in their studies. Together, they closely monitor pupils' welfare as well as their academic progress and social development. Senior pupils offer support for the younger ones, whether by helping them to find their way around, playing games with them or assisting them with 'Prep.'

Each House offers an exciting array of activities - ranging from pure fun to inter-House competitions, which cover almost every facet of School life, be it chess, rugby, sailing or netball, academic challenge, music or drama. Pupils are inspired to take on new challenges in support of their peers and the House. This range of opportunity ensures that every individual contributes their talents to collective achievement and ensures that each pupil benefits from an all-round education.

With their own colours, flag, motto and emblem, House members develop a strong sense of loyalty to their House and pride in its achievements.