Sedbergh Senior School - Chapel

Introduction to our chaplaincy

Sedbergh School is a Christian foundation and Chapel is part and parcel of the weekly life of the School. Each Sunday during term time the School worship, pray and reflect together during a service in Chapel. Hymn singing is strong and heartfelt! In addition the opportunities to explore Christian faith and spirituality abound throughout the week. The intention is to offer relevant options to pupils whatever faith they may espouse.

The Chaplain plays a key role in providing pastoral support to pupils, whether giving a listening ear to a pupil struggling at a particular point in their life or in giving guidance and encouragement about any matter that may concern them.

Other key features of the spiritual life of the School are outlined below.


The Chaplaincy Team is composed of the Chaplain and two colleagues (Methodist, Roman Catholic) and they work together to deliver Chaplaincy across both the Senior and Prep Schools, supporting pupils throughout their time at Sedbergh.


Led by a variety of members of staff, including the Headmaster and the Chaplain, themes are often developed over a week. Recent topics have included St. Francis, the value of perseverance, having an attitude of gratitude and the interaction between science and faith.  Assemblies are one way that the pupils are enabled to reflect on the wider world, their place in it and the values that will guide and inspire them throughout their lives.


The opportunity to be confirmed in the Church of England (including the Scottish Episcopal Church, the Church in Wales and the Church in Ireland) and Roman Catholic Church is offered each year during the Lent Term and pupils of all ages can participate. There is no pressure to do so – the emphasis is on this being the right time for each individual.

OTHER opportunities

A variety of other activities take place such as a half-termly evening candlelit service that is held in Chapel at the end of a weekday prep.  This simple and peaceful service is open to all, and is a time of quiet contemplation.

TGI Thursday

A friendly weekly group for all ages called TGI Thursday meets at the Chaplain's House to enjoy cake, jokes and an in-depth discussion or study on a particular topic. These vary widely and recent examples include:
  • The Middle East - the people and roots of the conflict
  • Cancel Culture and Christianity
  • Is the Bible Relevant any more?
  • How to pray