Pastoral Care

Sedbergh’s pastoral care and belief in timeless values creates an unrivalled provision for boarding. As a truly full boarding school, Sedbergh prides itself on the lifelong relationships and friendships forged within the boarding houses. Pupils are afforded the opportunities to develop ambitions, resilience, tolerance and community living in a house supported by House Staff who recognise and celebrate achievement. Sedbergh’s boarding believes in the development of discipline within a modern framework of concern for others with a focus on the Christian values of compassion and humility.

Sedbergh’s houses maintain the heritage of the school and allow Sedberghians to feel part of a greater picture of history; they live and work in a house safe in the knowledge that thousands of Sedberghians have passed before them with the same values, ethos and understanding of the beauty of the landscape in which they are situated. The unique house dining structure creates familial relationships within a co-educational environment

Pupils are challenged, removed from their comfort zones and supported as they venture into activities, new academic spheres and new ambitions. Sedbergh’s boarding provision makes pupils brave enough to challenge themselves.