Social Activities

Sedbergh Senior School - Social Image

Sedbergh not only prepares pupils for examinations, but for Life.

We believe there isn’t much point in giving pupils the drive to aim high if they can’t handle the social situation when they get there. To give them a valuable kickstart in the world at large, all pupils at Sedbergh follow a course in Personal, Social and Health Education. Naturally, good manners and respect are also enforced during the ‘family style’ meal times and throughout the School day, and the co-educational and multi-national mix of pupils contributes an important social dimension to all pupils’ education.

In addition, Sedbergh organises an exciting calendar of social events that provide the opportunity for pupils to learn and practise rules of etiquette, obtain social graces and develop a natural, pleasant confidence in a variety of social settings.

As well as the concerts and plays performed by pupils, professional musicians and speakers regularly provide evening entertainment. The wine appreciation courses are particularly enjoyed by Sixth Formers, and the annual Rawthey Ball, which demands committed attendance at Scottish dancing lessons beforehand, is a always a memorable occasion.