The performing arts

The Performing arts are a powerful element of School life and a very large number of pupils are involved in music and drama. The School sets out to enable as many pupils as possible, of all ages and standards, to experience performing to public audiences. As well as major productions there are numerous smaller events throughout the year.

‘Everybody needs beauty as well as bread.’ - John Muir

The Performing Arts offer Sedbergh School pupils rich experiences which develop their talents, explore their creativity, and develop lifelong passions and an appreciation of the transforming power of The Arts.

At Sedbergh, we believe that every pupil has a creative and imaginative core, and that the experiences
and opportunities we put before our pupils should draw out those attributes whilst also widening
and deepening cultural and artistic literacy.

Whether singing in the Chapel Choir, performing solos in the Jazz and Swing Evening, giving instrumental recitals in Assembly, or taking part in the numerous informal and formal concerts, our musicians are amongst the busiest, challenged and fulfilled pupils at School. As well as the obvious musical skills required to take part in these activities, teamwork, personal organisation, goal setting and striving for excellence are wider attributes which are gained and built whilst engaging in this work. Similarly, our drama pupils learn to to speak confidently, to hold an audience’s attention, and to develop an ease in communicating that provides a platform to develop many of the attributes that are required for success in later life.

Mr John Seymour, Director of Creative Arts