University Destinations

The School does all it can to ensure that pupils are armed with as much information as possible to safely, confidently and knowledgeably make decisions about their future.

The majority of Sedberghians apply for university, however for some it is not their preference. A comprehensive visits programme by all the Armed Forces takes place throughout the year and this has led to an increase in those wishing to pursue a career in this field, though for the majority it is a post-university option.

Pupils are always encouraged to stretch themselves academically and by achieving their best whilst at Sedbergh they leave the door open to returning to Further Education at a later stage.

It is essential for Parents to be kept informed and for expectations to be managed early on in the process. Communication is key. By CAT testing pupils early in the Sixth Form and sharing this information and academic progress data, parents are able to fully take part in the child's decision making. All Tutors working with Housemasters and the Careers Department ensure all parties are kept informed and are supported at all stages.

Most popular University destinations include:

Newcastle, Edinburgh, Leeds, Loughborough, University of London, Durham, Manchester, Nottingham, Glasgow, Oxford & Cambridge.

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