Friends of Sedbergh School (FOSS)

Sedbergh Senior School - Friends of Sedbergh School

The Friends of Sedbergh School or “FOSS” provides social occasions for parents, family members, staff, Sedbergh residents and anyone with an interest in the School to come together – either at Sedbergh, elsewhere in the UK or internationally. These events are a great opportunity to continue the Sedbergh spirit with old friends and new and to create an informal support network to help parents give their children the best possible chance of achieving their maximum potential beyond Sedbergh. FOSS members do this by providing practical assistance including mentoring, work experience and job opportunities.

We are always grateful to any members prepared to initiate and/or help organise events around the UK or abroad and are happy to provide them with support from the School. Several members have already arranged a number of successful occasions.

Parents will automatically become members of FOSS when their child leaves the School. If any other supporters wish to join this group please contact to arrange membership.