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A good education can unlock opportunities, increase potential and transform lives...

The Roger Lupton Scholarship Appeal was launched in 2012 to provide life-changing educational opportunities for young people who faced real financial barriers to experiencing an education that truly did justice to their skills, talents and work ethic.

9 years later, the Appeal has raised over £2m and improved the educational experiences of 16 youngsters.

Another scholar has started at Sedbergh this year and we hope to maintain this momentum into the future.

To safeguard the education of these and future scholars, the Foundation has to continue to generate financial support for this worthwhile cause.

The long term success of the programme depends on your ongoing help.  We currently need to raise at least £150,000 a year to ensure we can support our scholars.

If you are in a position to support this scheme, regular or one-off donations can be made online at the bottom of this page or by downloading a donation form >>> 

Some supporters have found the donation of shares a particularly tax efficient way of donating to the endowment fund.  Should you be interested in this option, further information on how to donate shares and other assets to charity can be found here >>>

WHat our donors and scholars say:

As someone whose Sedbergh education was paid for anonymously, I give what I can to support the next generation

I am so grateful for the people who have given me the chance to study at the School.

He embodies the characteristics and values that I recognise more with increasing age of what Sedbergh stands for. Quiet, confident, and polite with an understated determination and direction in life.

I am sincerely thankful from the bottom of my heart and so is my family for making it possible to attend this wonderful school set in a paradise setting that many can only just dream of.

Attending Sedbergh School for the last two years has been an amazing experience and I am so very, truly grateful to all who have contributed in helping to make that possible for me. I hope one day in the future I can return the gratitude and help support a Roger Lupton Scholar just like myself

How DO I apply for a roger lupton scholarship?

Roger Lupton Scholarships are specifically for pupils of high aptitude for whom a Sedbergh education would otherwise be financially impossible.

If you are considering applying for a Roger Lupton Scholarship, please use the standard admissions process and write an accompanying letter to the Principal explaining your circumstances and how you feel your son or daughter would benefit from a Roger Lupton Scholarship.

Applications received by the Principal are reviewed on a termly basis and considered on an individual basis, there is no testing but we may ask you to offer evidence of achievement from your current and/or previous school(s).

We regret that not every pupil who applies for a Roger Lupton Scholarship will receive a place.  We will only offer a place where we can guarantee the family the security of a 'lifetime' grant for the duration a pupil would expect to be at Sedbergh, usually 3 or 5 years.

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