Admissions Forms & Information for all Pupils Resident Overseas

Information about flight times

Read important information about flight times relating to term dates by clicking here

For specific term dates and permissible flight times click here

Information about guardians

Read important information about the requirement for a Guardian by clicking here

Guardian Confirmation Form – to be completed by all pupils resident overseas

Education agent confirmation form

For those parents who use an Educational Agent (even if the Agents are also acting as Guardians) this form also needs to be completed. Please read the form carefully, complete and return to The Overseas Registrar on [email protected]

A guide for new international pupils

Read Short Guide to help new pupils feel at home by clicking here

View information on gaining qualifications in your native language by clicking here

English as an additional language

Find out about the key vocabulary for pupils in Year 9 to 11 by clicking here

Find out about the key subject (Science) key vocabulary for pupils in Year 10 and 11 by clicking here