Admissions forms for all new pupils


Print off form and complete by hand, scan the document (please don’t photograph) and email back to or by post to: The Registrar’s Office, Headmaster’s Office, Sedbergh School, Sedbergh, Cumbria LA10 5HG

Medical & Consent Forms

These Medical and Consent forms (click here) must be read and completed alongside the Medical Information. The Medical Information document contains all you need to know regarding the School's medical care of your son or daughter and should be carefully read and understood (click here).

The Medical & Consent Forms need to be completed and returned to the School as soon as possible so that your son’s or daughter’s details can be entered into the Medical Centre system before the start of term.

Please note that it is essential that ALL pupils over the age of 16 sign pages 2 and 9.

Please note that your son or daughter is not permitted to start the new term until these Forms have been returned.

Special educational needs & disability statement

This statement must be returned for ALL new pupils indicating need or no need

Special Educational Needs & Disability Statement click here

Learning support lessons

Please carefully read the information about Learning Support Lessons HERE.

If you child requires Learning Support Lessons please complete the Request Form HERE

Request forms for additional lessons

Should you wish your child to have lessons in any of the following, please complete the Lesson Request Form and return it as instructed on the form:

Please do read the information on each form regarding the notice period should you ever wish to stop lessons.

GCSE results

Please complete this form as soon as you know your GCSE results and return it as instructed.

Sixth form bar permission

All those joining Sixth Form should complete this form and return it as instructed.

Year 9 modern foreign languages & latin

All those joining Year 9 should complete this form and return it as instructed.